Who we are:


We are a worldwide trade and marketing organization. Our company provides trade,promo and research services.


Sell products of different categories: food and non-food.We provide online sales and deal with products in retail trade channels in Turkey


Our  marketing department using digital tools promote brands from different countries in Turkey, attract new customers


An export accelerator that helps determine the current perception of products from different countries in Turkey

About Us

RF GROUP TRADE is one of the biggest import company. 

The RF’s distribution network is expanding constantly. We have one of the largest ranges in the food and non-food market. Our inventory includes drinks, flour products, numerous snacks, cosmetics products and much more.

Thanks to our experience we provide the best brands available. RF GROUP TRADE guarantees its capacity of supplying any quantity of goods in continuous ways, offering the highest quality and the best services at very reasonable prices.


Our motto

Customer is always right!

We are focused on:

We seek to continuously improve our business processes on the basis of high quality standards and to always achieve the best possible result.

Over the years, we have evolved into a global business in the international import and logistic industry which boasts expert and modern organization and growing turnover. We have offices in different regions: Turkey, China, Southeast Asia.

As a modern business, we are aware of our social responsibility for the consumers, for our employees and for the environment. Together with the brand owners, we ensure that our products are of the highest quality and are sourced from sustainable supply chains.